Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mickey Flykick's Cadapalooza

My friend Micheal hosted a cocktail party for his birthday.  The dress requirement was a sports coat and pipe! It was a fantastic night filled with laughs, cocktails, rockabilly (and the occasional classical piece), dancing and a little romancing too. Big thanks to NFG for the fantastic photos
He set up a bar, hired a bar tender, Hannah, and had a cocktail list set. Everyone had a lovely colourful drink in their hands! My favorite of the night was the Purple Haze cocktail that had Blue Curacao and Chambord amongst other things. This is what it looked like;

Harry and Denica with their Italian Ices
Ash with her Mafia Martini and Rach
There was even something for the non-drinkers. Here is Dave with Tox and his Nursery Fizz

Lauren and Imogen ordering drinks from Hannah

Hannah pouring Jesse and Jorge some Sangria

And then there were the pipes! Everyone was required to bring a pipe. Some pipes were small...

Some pipes were large...

Some had many pipes...

and some had one...

Some blew bubbles...

And some didn't blow anything at all


A good night was had by all!

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