Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

These have been a busy few weeks! I had a lovely lovely festive season and I'm sad that it's over.

Money is quite tight for me at the moment so I made some yummy things to give to people. I made some marmalade and some coconut ice then made up cute little labels for them. It was really cheap and easy and everyone was really impressed! There's tons of jam and marmalade recipes online and other sweets. I have Frankie's Sweet Treats cookbook, it's fantastic! I use it a lot, if you enjoy sweets I highly recommend that book. Anyway, my marmalade making for christmas inspired me to do some more, I've been experimenting with flavours and I'm going to start selling them on etsy and at markets. Stay tuned!
 What I wore to host a Boxing Day party;

Top - Portmans
Skirt - Ally
Shoes - Target
Scarf - Borrowed from my mum!
New years was great too. My boyfriend and I went to a friend's house. We played King's Cup, spoke in Russian accents, drank absinthe and laughed so hard it hurt. I love parties where games are played, it changes the dynamic and the night is always more memorable! My little suitcase all packed and ready to bring in the new year;

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