Monday, January 3, 2011


When I was 17 (before I even had my driver's license) I was on a bus on the way home from volunteering at the RSPCA. I spotted a Hillman Minx on the side of the road with a sign on it's window. It was for sale, only a grand! I had the money to buy this thing but didn't on my mum's advice. I didn't even have my license, this little car had a bit of rust and needed a bit of work to get it running again. I don't regret much but not buying that Hillman Minx is one of the things I do!

Like everything, cars used to be much simpler. My boyfriend at the time drove a '62 EJ holden, he used to do the maintenance on it himself. If he decided he wanted some parts for it we trawled around the wrecking yard picking bits and peices from rusting EJ's (either that or a quick eBay search).  There's something about caring for and restoring an old car and bringing it back to health so it can carry you faithfully and thankfully to your Sunday picnic.
I drive a 97 Mazda which I bought last year. As much as I love my little Astina (who is in car hospital at the moment as she needs a new radiator) I still yearn for my classic car. I search about every now and then even though I no longer have the money - this time I found a Minx that is in mint condition. I'm starting work soon so let's hope I save enough money and the repairs on my existing car aren't too expensive so I can call her my own!

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