Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doggy Coats!

Today in Brisbane the weather stormy and miserable! Usually I'd be out working my horse and enjoying the sunshine. What better to do than get out the sewing machine and put some Johnny Cash records on?

So, I made my dog a new coat! He keeps stripping off his heavy wool-like jumpers and losing them. I think they itch him as he seems to have sensitive skin and always prefers his cotton or polar fleece jumpers. Yes, I'm crazy, I am talking about which fabrics my dog prefers!

I drafted the pattern to fit him properly and put the fastening on the side rather than the front as he tends to like to chew buttons off. So he can't reach them around the side and it looks pretty swish. There's a hidden strap under the belly too.

Please excuse the blurryness!
Here are some other doggy coats I've made;

The late Mr. Woppie   

Mr. Shadow

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