Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vegan Sushi

Since moving to the country a year ago I've been really missing good sushi. There's only a few sushi places around and they don't have many veg options so I made my own and its the best sushi I've ever had!!!

I made two sorts of hand rolls, a plain cucumber and;

Vegan 'egg' hand roll sushi filling recipe

Vegan Mayo
Chilli powder
Finely chopped Shallots

Crumble the tofu then mix with vegan mayo, a pinch of chilli powder and the shallots

Then I decided to get fancy and make some inside out sushi! I used the same 'egg' filling, except I flattened the sushi rice on a sushi rolling board, put the nori on top then another layer of rice and roll as usual. The avocado 'cakes' (I'm not sure their proper name!) were just a matter of slicing the avo, making a little cake of rice and wrapping it up with a little strip of nori.

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