Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vegan 'Prawns'

Three generations on my Mum's side of the family are allergic to shellfish. So as a child I wasn't allowed to eat them and then I became vegetarian age 13. But I've always been curious because people rave about prawns. My late grandmother used to sit up with a glass of beer and a bowl of garlic prawns. She absolutely loved them. I really wanted to see what all the fuss was but obviously I'm not going to eat a prawn. One because I could never eat an animal and two because I would probably die. I was in luck though! Loving Hut were selling 'Vegan King Prawns'. I had no idea what one should do with prawns so I cooked up some fettucini then stir fried the prawns, onion, carrot, zuchinni and asparagus. Voila! They were really yummy. A little creepy because they look so real - not something I think I could get used to! But I enjoyed them. I might do garlic ones for christmas to wash down with some beer and remember Nanna.


  1. They look rather yummy...although, like you..I have never eaten a real one, nor want to any time soon. But, maybe after seeing this, I just might try one...


  2. Man she ate so many prawns every christmas. Everyone would peel her a whole bunch and the whole night she was just eating prawns. - Regan

  3. I totally reccomend trying the vegan version.. They're so different to anything I've ever had! And they do taste sea-ish if that makes sense? So it was a nice dinner on a hot summer's night.

    Hehe that's so cute. Wish I could have seen her doing that! I think it's such a cute nanna story :P