Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Make a Hay Bag for your Horse or Pony

I have a heap of scrap fabric that I don't want to waste so I've been figuring out things to make with it. So I made my horse a hay bag! The main thing with this was that it had to be really durable - it has to withstand holding 2 biscuits of hay and being thrashed about. It's a bonus that it's the cutest hay bag around! This only took me about an hour to make and was super easy.

Step 1
Fold a 50cm by 115cm peice of fabric in half lengthwise then pin up either side and sew with a triple zig zag stitch - you want this seam to be really strong! If you have an overlocker, overlock the edges.

Step 2

Cut a hole on one side big enough for your horse to fit their mouth in. I used a giant tin of milo to trace around. Zig zag or overlock the edges.

Step 3

Cut out a long rectangular strip of fabric long enough to go around your horsey mouth hole. I used contrasting fabric but you don't have to. Pin right sides together around the hole as shown in the picture and stitch.

Step 4

Turn the bag inside out and pull the fabric to the inside, pin as shown in the picture and stitch.

Step 5

Cut out 2 rectangles or trapezoids, fold all the edges down and stitch. Then make 3 evenly spaced button holes or preferable fix 3 large eyelets. I didn't have any on hand so I just made double thickness button holes.

Step 6

Fold over the top of the bag (the opening) and stitch down so you have a neat edge. Then pin right side of your trapezoid to the right side of the top of the bag. Stitch with a triple zig zag again - strength is paramount! Do this on both sides of the opening.  I also cut out a little yellow horse shoe to decorate mine, I just drew one on the fabric, cut it out then stitched it on with raw edges showing.  I hope these instructions make sense!!

Anyway, after doing all this I had to put it to the test;

I believe it recieved the Charlie stamp of approval! After much thrashing about and holding two biscuits of hay the hay bag is still going strong.  Charlie has already learned that it means food time and whinnies at me anytime he sees it.


  1. GREAT IDEA! Im soooo making this for my lease horse! And for my own horse in the future! THANK YOU!

  2. Thanks! This looks like a great idea I'll have to try it!

  3. Great idea! Although I got a little lost at step 6 and had to improvise, it works out well.

    1. I'm sorry you got lost but really glad you made one!

  4. This is a super cute idea and fun gift for the horse lover in your life. Thanks for sharing!